London School of Handbalancing im Loft ☆ am 3/4.2.

Sainaa’s teaching is superb. He has a keen eye for perfect technique and he works everyone hard, but he’ll make you laugh from beginning to end.

Sainaa’s life began in Mongolia 1972. He trained as an elite gymnast and after winning the national championship for two years running he retired from competitive gymnastics at age 18.
For next ten years he worked as multi skilled circus performer touring world with the Sukhbaatar troupe, circus Krone, Blackpool tower circus and many other world famous circuses, festivals and gala shows all around the world. He specialised tumbling, banquine, handbalancing and swininging trapeze.

In early 2000s Sainaa’s career lead him to teaching… He settled in London where he combined adult gymnastics coaching at Sport Centres with key role at UK’s most prestigious circus school: National Centre for Circus Arts. Since 2004 he has been responsible for all National Centre for Circus Arts degree students handstand and acrobatic technique. As a result, it is likely that every leading handbalancer in the UK has been taught by Sainaa some stage in their career.

Since 2011 Sainaa has been running his regular evening classes and weekend workshops in handstands, hand 2 hand and tumbling for adults. His classes attract a devoted groups of students; most of whom don’t know what to do with themselves when Sainaa out of town. From this evening classes he has developed a weekend workshop programme that has been successfully trialled in Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh, Birmingham and London.

He now runs The London School of Handbalancing and Acrobatics.

His typical student is either a circus performer or yogis. Both types of student wants to be flexible and loves being upside down. For circus performers and yogis alike, the perfect handstand is the holly grail and most discover, Sainaa’s techniques are the best route to getting there!

Workshop description for beginners.

In this workshop I will mainly focus on the perfect two arm handstand!
There will be a fairly intense handstand specific warm up and explanations of what to do with your body to get a perfectly straight handstand. Numerous exercises to help you understand the shape, both on the floor and on your hands. You’ll be working with a partner so you will also learn how to spot and correct someone else’s handstand. The session also include a lot of conditioning and flexibility exercises specific to handstands. Very useful class if you starting out, or if you can already can hold a handstand but want it perfected, or if you want to learn how best to help others improve their handstands.

Workshop description for intermediate/ advanced (prerequisite 30-60sec solid Handstand)
In this intermediate/ advanced workshop I will be focusing on correct 2 arm handstand alignment progressing into one arm preparations and variety of one arm transfers etc…

Also I will adhoc during this workshop depending on participants abilities. ( for example dynamic one arm transfers and side bend progressions etc…)
I would like to run 2 workshops both days 3 hours each workshop possible ..

Sat 3 rd Feb
12-3pm beginners
4-7pm intermediate

Sun 4th Feb

10-1pm beginners
2-5pm intermediate/advanced

Beginners 130€ both days

Intermediate/ advanced 150€ both days

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